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So does a coach have all the answers?

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

The simple answer is no.

As a coach, I am there to support and guide my clients. I can hold the space for them and help them untangle the many strands of life that trip us up. Sometimes it is when we have the time to tell our story- our truth-without the fear and anxiety of judgement, that we get the greatest insights. I am not here to give the answers, but to ask the questions that may lead to approaching life with full awareness.

I feel very privileged to do this work. As a certified End of Life Doula and a Life Coach, I approach life fully aware and connected to its wonder and mystery. It is often by starting at the end that we truly can appreciate the uniqueness and power of the now.

We are all in a time of change and discovery, and taking time to slow down and “be” in the now is essential to be fully in the moment.

If we can take the time to go deeply inside ourselves and discover who we are, we can truly connect with life.

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