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“When my mother began to need full-time caregiving for physical and cognitive decline in October 2014, Tina began working with my mother straight away and continued until her death in February 2016. She has the utmost compassion, care, expertise, judgment, energy, conscientiousness integrity, and calm. I cannot speak highly enough of her. There is no better coach and End of Life Doula and she also is able to take an overview of the situation and help clarify the path ahead."

Debbie Aragon / 6 Apr 2016

“Tina Walker has had impecable experience dealing with elders on many levels and I recommend her both for her experience and for the heart connection she builds with all of her clients.She will explore every possible avenue to find the best and most sensitive solution possible."

Roberta Reinfield / 3 Jul 2017

“Tina is an excellent listener and is sympathetic while at the same time providing very sound, practical advice. I believe her medical background and holistic approach coupled with common sense and patience serves her clients very well. She has a truly warm spiritual and compassionate nature so that one always feels well taken care of in her presence."

Kathy Klatman / 7 May 2018

“I’ve been convinced that doulas are angels among us. They are our safe havens, our soul shepherds, and when needed, our frontline fighters.
Tina is everything I’ve known doulas to be and more – Because for whatever reason, despite the fact that death is the only guarantee we have in life, it’s still taboo. Unlike birth, which is publicly celebrated, death remains in the shadow. It’s a source of pain, of fear, and we don’t like to talk about it.
I don’t want my death or the death of those I love to be like that, though. Regardless of how I or they go, I want someone there to lead the way. Someone like Tina, whom I know would lead us through it with grace and strength and even joy. I can’t imagine the fortitude that’s required to be an end of life doula… to carry that kind of weight on behalf of grieving families… and that makes me all the more thankful for Tina."

Lesli Na / 2019

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